How can media help to improve our system completely?

There is no doubt that media is the pillar of any country, which transmits information of every field of the country and abroad to us. Media plays a big role in improving the country’s system.

Different ministries have been created in every country. In every ministry, grievance cells have been set up to solve the problem of people, where millions of grievances are registered. The grievance cell has to redress the grievance by a specified time limit. In most cases, it has been seen that the settlement of grievance in the Grievance portal done in time. In fact, most of the complainants are not satisfied with the settlement of their grievances as their grievances are closed by giving any wrong reasons. What is a Grievance? 

When the complainant’s grievance is not resolved in the concerned grievance cell, the complainant tries to bring out the truth of his grievance with the help of Right to Information Act 2005. When CPIO and FAA do not give complete information under the Right to Information Act 2005, a second appeal is to be made to the Central Information Commission where it takes more than two years to get hearing in the central Information commission as per my present experience. What is Right to Information Act 2005? 

In our country, every person knows about the pending cases in the courts, where both time and money are spent. Due to the same fear very few people are able to dare to fight a case in the court, which is very fatal for our system. This boosts the enthusiasm of the corrupted people, which promotes crime, poverty etc. in the country.

Whenever the truth of a grievance is revealed to the media, action is taken immediately against the concerned officer and the complainant gets justice immediately. In our country, most leaders, government officials, etc. have a double standard, which can be eliminated immediately by exposing them to the media only and justice can be given to the complainant immediately.

In our country, the news of the complainant is mostly made only after his murder or after years of harassment. It is not possible to entertain complaints of every complainant by news channels as per their present working environment. Government need to take care of this and help the media to expose double standard of respondent government officials and leaders. By entertain complaints of every complainant and exposing the corrupted official to media can improve our system completely.