Save girl child.

The girl is a very loving blessing of God, but even in today’s age, many people consider her a curse, burden and the family member of a stranger in future after marriage.

Girls are giving their contribution in every field, they are giving their services from space to ground level, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi etc. are great examples. No country can progress without the contribution of women.

Today, we come to know about female foeticide from the news, people are well aware that female foeticide is a very big crime, yet some people commit these crimes in the desire of boy. These types of people are not human beings, they are sinner, cruel and selfish.

The Government of India launched a campaign ”save daughter, teach daughter” to prevent female foeticide. Many NGO and organizations are also engaged in furthering this campaign and spreading awareness. Name of this campaign is ”Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” means ”save girl, teach girl”

We also saw the news of the rape of orphan girls in Bihar by the founder of Home Shelter. The government should also periodically monitor the safety of the girls who are staying in the orphanage so that they can tell any exploitation that is happening to them without fear.

Being a human and responsible citizen, we also have a duty to raise voice for the female foeticide happening around us and to make women aware of their rights that no one can force them to abortion, To stop it women can complain to women commission. For women safety please read my article-what is women safety?

The biggest strength for girls is their education, denying any girl education is equivalent to denying her fundamental rights.

There are many states in India where the birth of a daughter means the responsibility of a dowry of lakhs of Rupees in future on her marriage . This practice can be ended by giving good education to the daughters.