Income Inequality in India.

Income inequality is the biggest problem of India, which makes the poor more poor and rich to more richer. Where the poor have to sweat all day to earn their livelihood, the rich are becoming richer. According to Oxfam’s January-2020 report, 1% of India’s richest holds over 40% of the national wealth.

The government should solve this big problem by planning as soon as possible, so that discrimination of poverty and richness ends, everyone should get healthcare services etc without any hassle.

The poor system of our country is the major cause of income inequality, where millions of cases are pending for justice in the court, when justice is delivered, till then its importance are over.

Lakhs of civil cases that could be resolved out of the court and could also saved precious time of court, but due to our poor system, the cases cannot be resolved in the concerned grievances Cells and the complainant needs to file petition in the court for justice. What is a Grievance cell?

Income inequality can be controlled by making the law strictly and followed in all government and non-government departments honestly by the government. Negligence of any government officials can harm the life, job and any important things of people. Deliberately negligence and corruption should not be ignored, exemplary action should be taken against the faulty.

By privatizing any PSU, neither income inequality can be controlled nor the development of the economy, but the economy can be developed by increasing the productivity of PSU by strictly adhering the law by the government. There is a lot of difference in the employment of private and public sector employees in India, I am going to elaborate on the huge impact in income inequality from my work experience in the government and private sector. Employment of employees working in the government sector in India makes more secure than the the private sector.

In India, there is always a danger in the employment of most of the employees working in the private sector, most of the private company terminates the employee from the job without giving notice period, most of reputable private company also gives 2-3 months notice period to leave the job. the case goes on from the labor ministry to the court by the private employee, and in order to run his family’s bread, he has to work in a new private company by adopting the personal law made by the MD of company, which is the big reason for inequality of income in india.

The government should also control the income inequality by creating a strict law for the safety of employment of private sector employees. Only then the country will develop.