What is Country’s Interest?

Country’s Interest means working in the interest of the country. The responsibility of the country’s interest is not only of the leaders but also of all of us countrymen. Only the countrymen do a good job of choosing a good leader. When some people, not looking at the interest of the country, come under the temptation of leaders of criminal tendency and elect them for power, then in such a situation, the country is harmed. Due to which the countrymen have to face big consequences in future.

What is Country's Interest?

Choosing a leader in the interest of the country is not the only duty of the countrymen. Rather, it is in the interest of the country to perform every duty honestly. There are people of every personality in the country, so corruption and crime are also present in the country. There are a large number of good citizens in the country, so no one should fall under the temptation of politicians. use your vote in the interest of the country.

Citizens should also do their every work with complete honesty, which is very important for the proper development of the country. True success can never be achieved by doing injustice to anyone, it is the social responsibility of every citizen to develop the country by working in the interest of the country and eradicating poverty, unemployment, injustice, fear, corruption and crime etc. Because doctors, engineers, politicians, lawyers, judges, actors, farmers, shopkeepers etc. are all citizens of the country. When a citizen does not perform his duty honestly, the country suffers.

Due to some corrupt citizens the honest citizens of the country have to face corruption, crime, unemployment, poverty etc. So every honest citizen should fight for his rights. Then only the interest of the country will be there.

It is very important to educate the children about the country’s interest from childhood. That’s why our first duty is to educate our children about the interest of the country and implement it in everyone’s life. Only then the interest of the country will be there and the country will always be progressive.