What is the Importance of Indian culture?

Indian culture is the oldest culture in the world. Which is about 5000 years old. Indian culture maintains unity in diversity. People of different religions, castes and costumes live in India. Those who celebrate their festivals with great pomp with mutual love.

While many cultures of the world have disappeared over time, Indian culture has always existed and always will be. Our culture attracts everyone towards it. Yoga and spirituality are also existed due to the Indian culture. Which every Indian is proud of. People from all over the world come to India to learn it. Which they use for healthy body, healthy mind and peace in their life.

What is the importance of Indian culture?

In India even today people live in joint family, who live together in every happiness and sorrow. Where children learn respect and love among themselves and serve the country by becoming a good citizen in the society.

Gurus are respected in India. Children are taught the importance of gurus from childhood itself. The Guru(teacher) Shishya(student) tradition is going on since the time of Gurukul. Where all the education was given to the children.

In India, a guest is considered a deity. Every country respects the hospitality of India. There is no comparison to Indian culture. It teaches the art of living in peace and living with each other in mutual harmony.

Indian culture explains the importance of education. Education gives a sense of good and bad. Education destroys the spirit of discrimination.

Indian culture teaches to respect elders and love the younger ones. Parents are given a higher status than God. That’s why our culture is prevalent all over the world.

Festivals are celebrated with great pomp in India because the history behind the festivals gives us some great education. Like Diwali, Holi etc.

A large number of foreign travelers come to India to understand our culture and adopt it in their lives.