What is the importance of education?

Education works to bring happiness, progress, prosperity and improvement in thinking in everyone’s life. Education helps a man to get out of every difficult situation. It does not mean that education will do all your work by itself, it gives a sense of good and bad to a person. It is up to the individual whether to choose the path of peace or unrest. What is peace? How to lead a peaceful life?

What is the importance of education?

Education teaches non-violence and love for each other. Education breaks down the wall of discrimination and gives a sense of equality. A person continues to receive education throughout his life. He receives formal education from school and college and continues to receive informal education throughout his life from parents, society etc.

Today girls are also not less than boys in any field. She is illuminating the name of the country in every field. All this has been possible only through education. Make daughters capable by giving them good education, not dowry. So that they can easily fight with every difficulty of life.

From the economy to the security of the country, education has a contribution in every field.

Due to Corona, the education of children was also done online in the lockdown, which proves the importance of education. Online education continued the education of children even during the Corona transition period. Online education also gave technical education to the children. Today children have become adept at getting online education through mobiles, laptops and tablets. During the Corona transition period, there were many children who did not have a mobile to get online education. The government and many NGOs were well aware of the importance of education in the lives of children, so they gave free mobiles, tablets and laptops to the needy children. Which is a commendable work.