How to curb corruption?

Corruption slows down the progress of the country’s economy. Due to which every honest citizen has to bear the brunt. Corruption has spread like cancer in every field. If there was no corruption, then the country would have developed well and the policies of the government would benefit every needy, so that no poor family would sleep hungry due to unemployment or low income.

Corruption is not limited only to the justice system and politics, but has spread throughout the government system. Let us know in brief.

Politics– The fault of corruption is not politics but the corrupt leaders who misuse politics. The biggest reason for corruption is politicians who misuse politics. Not all leaders are corrupt, so by using right of franchise, only a qualified leader should be selected. Only then the country will walk on the path of freedom from corruption.

How to curb corruption?

Government System – This includes all government offices, government departments, government schools, government colleges, etc. The strength of IAS and IPS is considered top in the country. They have so much power that together they can curb corruption. But not everyone is honest and brave. Therefore corruption cannot be controlled. They are under pressure from leaders who misuse politics, who do not work according to corrupt leaders, those IAS and IPS are transferred.

There are also some IAS and IPS who do their work with complete honesty, fearlessness and dedication. They have to face many transfers. But still they serve the country and fight completely against corruption.

Unless there is not honesty, fearlessness and dedication towards the work of the employees, officers in the entire government system, then India will not be free from corruption. Therefore it is most important to choose honest, fearless leaders using right to vote, so that honest and fearless leaders control the lobby of IAS and IPS.

When honest leaders have control over the IAS and IPS lobbies, the IAS and IPS will have control over their subordinates. So that the whole government system runs through a proper system and corruption is curbed.

Judiciary system– Corruption has also taken the justice system in its grip. When honest leaders in politics are elected by the public, then the entire government system will improve, due to which 80% of civil cases will be settled in the respective Grievance Cell. Due to which the burden of cases in the court will also be reduced and the petitioner will be able to get justice easily by fighting his case from the lower court to the Supreme Court in less time. What is Grievance cell?

All of us citizens are also responsible for corruption somewhere. We easily say that politics is very bad, but when the time for franchise comes, most of the people do not look at the national interest and use their vote only after looking at their caste, financial and personal interest. Which only encourages corruption.