Is Privatization good for the economy?

Privatization is not a solution to the economic problem of the government, but bypassing its responsibility and benefit the industrialists. I am not saying that the government is deliberately giving benefits to industrialists. Whatever data is placed in front of the government by the Indian Economic Advisory Team, the government takes advice from economic advisors to solve that economic problem and if the government finds the advice right or needs some improvement, then the government improves it and implements the policy. The government makes policies thinking about the present and the future, but instead of rectifying the damage done to the government companies(PSU etc.) due to the negligence and corruption of the previous government, they privatize those government companies. which are completely wrong.

Is Privatization good for the economy?

If privatization is to be done then those corrupt officials and corrupt ministers who harm the government companies should be done. Every government company has IAS at the top level and is accountable to the minister of the concerned ministry. Bringing the concerned government company(PSU etc) to the brink of privatization, those top officials and ministers are assigned the most important work in any other ministry. If there is a loss, then that of the government company and its employees and the country.

The reason for the whole problem is corruption, which no government has been able to control. Failure to curb corruption is the greed of power of politicians. There is no hesitation in taking the support of any criminal trend leader to form the government by politicians and he is also made a minister. The full illegal advantage of which is mostly taken by the employees from top officials to the lower level. If corruption is to be rooted out, then it has to start with the politicians.

Whatever I am writing, I am writing with full proof and experience of my 20 years fighting against corruption. If the government takes exemplary action against the officials responsible on my previous article “Big Corruption in the Prime Minister’s Grievance Cell, India”, it will encourage the government to enact a new strict law against corruption in the entire country. Due to which the country will move forward rapidly. My fight against corruption was not that easy, I was also illegally terminated from my job. I faced financial and mental harassment. But I continued my fight against corruption.

The government should not privatize government companies(PSU etc.), but by curbing corruption, government companies should be allowed to become profit making companies, so that government companies can make a big contribution to the country.