How to spot fake email?

In the digital age scammers have also upgraded themselves as digital experts by taking digital knowledge, scammers steal personal data and cheat money through fake emails.

Every day millions of people fall in the trap of fake emails, which people do not even know that the email they are reading is fake. They get their financial loss done by coming under the guise of fraudsters.

How to spot fake email?

Find out if the email is fake or not. Whenever a mail comes from any company or educational institution etc., you can first find out the first stage by its grammar mistakes and phone number. You should verify the details by searching on the website of the original company before replying to that email. If the mail turns out to be fake then being a responsible citizen that email should be forwarded to the cybercrime police.

Now we will learn the most important information. When an email comes in the name of a company, the email should be checked. Then the domain of the company should be checked by visiting the website of the company. If the email doesn’t match a company’s domain, verify the authenticity of email before replying.

Many times scammers work to trap people in their trap by saving the email of a company in the column of their name in fake emails. Whenever you click on the name of the email, the original email will appear. Due to which the use of company email will be known.

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