There is discrimination in our country despite the law?

There is discrimination in every class in our country, the reason for which is the direct and indirect corruption of most of the higher level government officials, ministers etc., which is followed by most of the lower level government officials. This process continues till the general public. Because due to corruption in the government system, the important works of the general public get affected, which directly affects the livelihood of the general public.

There is discrimination in our country despite the law?

If any of the general public opposes it, then he has to suffer mental and financial loss. If that person is honest and principled, then he has to suffer financial and mental loss throughout his life. That’s why most people do not take action against corrupt government officials. Thus most of the people keep their business and job safe by following the corrupt officials. My previous article ”Big Corruption In Prime Minister’s Grievance Cell, India” is a living example of corruption in government system. 

The reason for discrimination in the society is not only due to our corrupt government system but also most of the common people who consider themselves a successful person by adopting the behavior of corrupt officials in their life and let people down. Common honest people are not only troubled by the government system in the society, but fake successful people hurt the self-esteem of common people.

If we have to remove any kind of discrimination from the society then first of all we have to start from ourselves, we have to fight unitedly against every fake successful person and corrupt government system. Let us share the previous article ”Big Corruption in Prime Minister’s Grievance Cell, India” as much as possible on our social networks to fight against the government machinery.

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