Our responsibility to choose a representative in government?

It is our biggest duty to choose a representative which every voter should choose honestly by his/her right to vote. Always look at his ability and honesty while choosing a representative and not his temptation.

It is very important to have fearlessness along with honesty and ability in the representative. We know that there are very few such representatives in our country, due to which the corrupt representatives do not allow good works to be passed in the form of a bill in the Parliament by not giving their vote to the good work of honest representatives.

The way a soldier is always engaged in the service of the country without caring about his life, it is very important to have the same feeling of patriotism in our representative.

Our responsibility to choose a representative in government?

Casteism and regionalism is a very sad and shameful reason in our politics, even today many politicians doing politics of casteism and regionalism are flourishing. All this happens because of the mistake of all of us voters. We are not able to use our vote properly. We are all equal, our constitution also gives us this right.

Corruption, unemployment, crime, illiteracy, poverty etc. are all due to the bad system of our country, which only a group of honest, capable and fearless representatives can improve by their good works. That’s why we should use our right to vote very honestly.

As a responsible citizen, we should also keep discussing the importance of an honest, capable and fearless representative with all the familiar people and around us. We should use our right to vote.

Being responsible citizens, we also have a duty to respect our constitution with full honesty, do not steal tax, electricity, water etc., so that everyone gets equal development. Do not use the policy made for any poor and weaker section for your personal interest. Use 100% of your voting rights. Only then the country can develop.