How can we reduce illiteracy?

The government keeps making efforts to eliminate illiteracy. The government increased the attendance of children in the school by introducing the Mid Day Meal Scheme. The government keeps on running awareness campaigns from time to time on the importance of education in the village. The government encourages needy children to study by giving them scholarships, free uniforms and books.

Despite the continuous efforts of the government, lakhs of children remain illiterate due to poverty, they are forced to do child labor. Their childhood is taken away from them. Child labor is a crime, yet you can easily see them doing child labor around you in shops, roads etc. When common man can see them doing child labor then why does the concerned government officer not help them by making a list of such children.

How can we reduce illiteracy?

The government has to fix the accountability of the concerned government officials, then only illiteracy can be controlled.

As a responsible citizen, we all also have the responsibility that we should not impose our dreams on our children, if a child is a little weak in studies, then he should tell the importance of education and ask him to continue his education. Not that he should be pressured to come first in his class.

The child can be the best in sports, dance etc. more than studies, so recognizing the talent of the child, he should be given full support. But children should be encouraged to complete their education as well. Education is a weapon by which a person can protect his rights.

The higher the literacy rate of any country, the more developed the country will be. Its citizens will be just as prosperous. Because they will have education to fight for their rights. Such a country always keeps on progressing. Literacy also starts solving the formidable problems like poverty, unemployment etc.