How can make yourself happy?

Every person wants to be happy in his life, but his thinking and behavior determines his happiness. Your positive thinking teaches you to be happy even in adverse circumstances. Ups and downs are part of life. If your thinking is positive then you will exercise, be healthy, will not consume harmful things and behave well with everyone which helps in making you a good and happy person.

Your conduct will bring you respect and inner happiness. Every human being is troubled by poverty, unemployment, corruption and inflation etc., everyone is struggling for their life, even after this, if we do not keep our conduct good with anyone, then we are harming that person as well as our happiness. Our good conduct can bring happiness in the face or mind of a person and that person will also respect us with a true heart, which will become the reason for our happiness somewhere.

How can make yourself happy?

Fake respect obtained by intimidating or insulting someone can never give happiness to the soul. Most of the people follow to rich and fake reputed persons in the society. As they also start succeeding in life, they also try to make others look small by behaving like them, which can become the reason for the happiness of such people but not to the good person.

Spending time with your family and friends is a big reason for happiness. We should support our loved ones and friends in every situation. 

Set a goal for yourself and keep working hard to achieve it. After achieving the goal, set further goals in life and keep working hard to achieve it. If the goal is not achieved, then make more small goals in life and keep working hard to achieve them. One should always be happy in life. Success will come late but get surely.