What is the solution to the problems of orphan children?

There are many problems of orphan children, which is very important for their relatives, orphanages and NGOs etc. to understand. The government always brings new policies and budgets for the orphan children, yet government help does not reach every orphan child. The main reason for this is every person who is involved in corruption and exploitation of orphan children.

What is the solution to the problems of orphan children?

Many orphaned children are forced to beg or do child labour, which is a punishable offence, yet begging and child labor are done openly. A whole gang works behind this, even the victim orphan children do not have faith in the poor system of the country, they know that the gang or the person responsible for it will beat them a lot. The suffering orphan children will have to be taken out of this quagmire by taking them into confidence. The Labor Department should rescue the victim orphan children from the clutches of the gang and send them to the orphanage.

The orphanage management should be closely monitored by the Labor Department. The condition of all orphanages is not bad but still all orphanages should be closely monitored, as the life and career of orphan children matters. Through newspapers and television, we all get to read and hear about the sexual abuse of children in some orphanage which is heart-wrenching.

Counseling of children should be done in the orphanage so that the mental condition of the children can be known. Children should be made aware of education. Children should be encouraged to play games according to their interest. All these are taken care of in the orphanage, but the quality of education, food, sports and health etc. in the orphanage should also be investigated by the concerned ministry by forming a committee.

If you are able then you should also donate to orphanages, old age homes etc. There is nothing greater than this.