what is Human Trafficking?

Using any person illegally for the purpose of trade is called Human Trafficking. The victim can be child, boy, girl, man, woman, from any religion, cast, community, country. This is a very big international crime.

Every country in the world is affected by Human Trafficking. Trafficker always takes illegal advantage of the victim. The victims are lured by the false promises of marriage, job etc. and pushed into big crime like forced labor, prostitution etc. 

Millions of crimes of human Trafficking are registered at the international and national level, out of which some traffickers are not identified. We fight for small issues for our self-esteem every day. But the victims of human Trafficking cannot fight for their self-esteem, their life becomes worst than hell.

UNODC(United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime) reviews human Trafficking cases at the International level and cooperates internationally to help the victim free from human traffickers.

It is our duty as a responsible citizen to make more and more people aware of Human Trafficking. Every country has an Anti corruption cell, In India the Anti Corruption Cell of Ministry of Home Affairs deals with human trafficking cases. Along with the police, human Trafficking case can also be registered in the Anti corruption cell of Ministry of Home Affairs. There are lot of NGO in every country to help the victim of Human Trafficking and spread awareness programs.

The government should run awareness campaigns in government organizations, Private organizations, Schools, institutions, ministries etc. regularly and should make every citizen aware. The government should monitor it from low level to higher level, it should be all digital. Despite this, if cases of human Trafficking come to the fore, then the work of the respondent from low level to higher level should be reviewed and Incase of negligence, strict and exemplary action should be taken against respondent.