What is Gender Dysphoria?

This topic is very important and inspiring for our society. Society has to be made aware. The society will also be aware only when the facts are rightly placed before the society.

The difference between a person’s gender(birth time) and feeling of her or his inner sex is Gender Dysphoria. A person is born in a wrong body, person is female or male at birth, as his or her understanding grows, then they come to know that what they are feeling about their gender is opposite to their birth time gender. Due to which they have to face many difficulties in their life. They are also afraid to tell their problems to their family.

 Even highly educated and wealthy families do not understand their children, they leave the children in their condition to maintain fake reputation in the society.

We are normal, in spite of this we have to go through many struggles to live our life. They have to struggle many times to live life. Most of the time they are faced with depression, which makes their life even more difficult.

This is not a mental disease according to American Psychiatric Association. Most of the countries came forward for the rights of such people, including India, they have the right to change gender with the help of medical science.

According to medical science, there is a procedure ranging from psychiatrist, psychologist, endocrinologist (hormone specialist) to surgeon for gender reassignment surgery (sex change surgery).

First of all, patients have to consult a psychiatrist, if satisfied, the psychiatrist will recommend a psychologist for mental health evaluation of patient. The psychologist will report the patient to the endocrinologist (hormone specialist) for hormone therapy if the gender dysphoria is confirmed. According to the endocrinologist, the patient should take dose of hormone as prescribed by him, there should not be any negligence in it. Patient will get NOC from psychiatrist for Gender Reassignment Surgery on the bases of hormonal therapy for 12 months. Patient should take one more NOC from second psychiatrist on the bases of above reports. The patient becomes eligible for sex reassignment surgery from a surgeon based on the NOC of two psychiatrist.

The procedure till sex reassignment surgery is very expensive, the patient works hard and earns money for his or her surgery, yet most of the families do not accept him or her and leave them alone to maintain fake reputations in the society.

The patient who is poor, can neither tell his or her family about the problem, nor can earn money for sex reassignment surgery. His or her life is very sad. To help such people, the government should come forward and provide financial help, awareness should also be spread in the society.

There are so many organization who are working for the rights of LGBTQ community.

According to the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Writ Petition(civil) Nos. 400 of 2012 in the matter of Nation Legal Services Authority v/s. Union of India(UOI) and Ors. The Hon’ble Supreme Court in paragraph 99 of the said judgement has held, “if democracy is based on the recognition of the individuality and dignity of man, as a fortiori we have to recognize the right of a human being to choose his sex/gender identity which is integral to his/her personality and is one of the most basic aspect of self-determination dignity and freedom.”

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