How to deal with Depression?

Any person can be a victim of depression in their life due to the financial difficulties, Unemployment, Loneliness, Unsuccessful retirement planning etc.

Unnecessary desires and greed for money are major reasons for depression. 

The thought of self-harm, not appreciating good things and welcoming bad things are major symptoms of depression. 

Early depression can be avoided with good routine, setting goals, proper exercise, eating healthy, proper sleep, taking responsibility etc. 

Sometimes the circumstances are so bad that even strong personalities get trapped in a depression and commit suicide. By doing this, they also give a lifetime of sorrow to their loved ones. 

Whenever you are in depression, you must meet the psychiatrist and take his prescribed medicine on time. Medicine can relax your brain for some time and give you sleep, but only you can defeat depression with positive thoughts. 

At the time of depression talk to your near and dears. And don’t remain alone.

You must have seen and heard that the person had been treating himself from the psychiatrist for a long time, for some time he stopped his treatment and now he has committed suicide. 

It is very easy to say that defeat depression with positive thoughts. But when it comes to practical, fighting depression is very difficult. Because the patient becomes very selfish at that time, he does not care about the loved ones. 

Ignore the thoughts of self-harm at the time of depression, you should be busy by focusing your attention on some other work. At that time self-harm seems the solution to depression. I know that patients do not like music, sports etc. in depression. Nevertheless, the biggest solution is to keep yourself busy in some work while ignoring negative thoughts. If you follow this 6-7 months then you will be as normal as earlier and mentally very strong.

Experience says that time is the most powerful thing in the world.

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